These are the stories that inspire me to keep working with shelter dogs, even though sometimes it makes me sad, tired, or overwhelmed. I work with dogs that are overlooked day after day, month after month–until they aren’t. Seeing the dogs that I grow to love going home with someone who will love them forever inspires me to keep helping dogs find their forever homes. Here are some of their stories.


A Loyal Dog With Terrible Kennel Presence

This beautiful young lady had terrible kennel presense. Her fearful growling and slinking away in the kennel kept anyone from seeing what a loyal, loving dog she is. She ignored strangers on outings. She only had eyes for the people she knew. For this reason, she wasn’t adopted even after going through the Paws on Parole program. Finally, someone saw the gem that she truly was and Kate found her home. Read Kate’s story.


A Gentle, Worried Soul

Joel is a sensitive, timid boy who comes out of his shell for other dogs and cats but takes time to trust people. He is a sweet, loving dog who was invisible in the kennel but became a star on social meda. Read Joel’s story.

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A Wonderful Dog Who Deserved A Chance

When I met Wade he had only a week to live. He soon proved himself to be a truly wonderful dog who stole the hearts of everyone at Animal Services. Learn how he got a second chance and found his forever home.