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      Upload Pictures Here:

      ACAS Photo and Video Upload

      Gallery: https://rescuedoghome.com/acas-forum/waldo-a624351/

      Public Notes:

      Gender: Male
      Color: black
      Breed: bulldog
      Age: 4 years 4 months
      Date brought to shelter: 07/09/2020

      Where’s Waldo? Right here at ACAS trying to find his forever family. Waldo is an active guy but never to busy for a some lovin’. Walks well on leash and takes treats nicely. He’s super smart and loves the treat toys! They keep him self entertained and he will work on them for hours. This guy is super chill and very calm when inside. He can behave like a cat and weave between your legs and get underfoot. He stops in his tracks the minute you touch his neck give him neck massage. That’s the way to this guy’s heart! We love his quirkiness and hope you will too!

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      Samm Wehman Epstein
      I don’t think Waldo needs new pics, but just in case these could be of any use. He’s really cuddly and a people dog. Look at that face! ❤

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      Amber Emanuel

      Waldo is pretty touchy with food, so I definitely suggest no kids with him for the time being and to not take treats from him or leave treat bags out near him.

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      Christine Richmond

      Waldo is a silly guy. He seems fairly high energy and will need someone to help him learn some manners, especially on leash. He’s a happy boy though.

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      New Volunteer

      Waldo was a lot of fun to take out! I saw that he needed work with leash manners, so we spent some time walking nicely on leash while I gave him treats. He is such a sweet boy!

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