Save a life

Inviting a dog into your home is an incredible thing to do for that dog. You are literally saving a life when you foster. Every dog fostered from Animal Services or a local rescue opens up room for another incoming stray. Shelter dogs who are developing behavioral or medical concerns due to the trauma of living at an animal shelter may be at risk of euthanasia at the shelter, but they can flourish in a foster home.

Dino was too scared to stand up or eat at the shelter when he went home with his foster family and was severely anemic

Try out having a dog

Fostering a dog gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with dog ownership in a safe, structured, and non-committal way. Getting a dog is a huge decision, but fostering is temporary and allows you to get a feel for what you want in a dog. 

With the patient support of his foster family, including the family cats, Dino came out of his shell.

Get to know the real dog

A nervous dog who won’t show his personality in the shelter shows himself to be a cat-loving goofball in the home. A dog that barks or paces at the shelter turns out to be a lazy couch potato when given some time to relax. A dog that seems indifferent at the shelter is a loyal velcro dog at home.

Watching a dog relax and blossom into the dog that she is meant to be is a unique and deeply rewarding experience.

On outings, Dino’s foster family learned that he loved children. He opened up for kids, and clearly adored being surrounded by them.

Taking a new dog into your home is always a risk, but by going slowly and using the support offered by rescues and other volunteers, you can mitigate the risk and offer an amazing experience for your entire family.

Dogs of every size, age, and energy level are looking for loving foster homes. Don’t have a rescue in your area? Rescues can work together to get a dog to you. Contact us to learn how to get started.

On the fence?

Consider fostering a dog who has already been in a foster home or is currently in a home. Fosters often can’t keep a dog until adoption so dogs may go through several fosters before being adopted. By fostering a dog who has already been in a foster home, most of the big questions will have been answered for you.

Sometimes people want to keep their dogs, but need a temporary foster to get back on their feet after an injury, illness, or other major life event. These dogs are well-adjusted family pets who can move seamlessly into your home.

Dino’s foster family made a flyer for him to take to adoption events. The kind of specific information that only a family can provide really makes a difference in a dog’s chances of being adopted.

Everything that you need, including a crate, food, blankets, and walking equipment is provided for free. There is absolutely no cost to you. 

Volunteers do their best to provide a support network for foster families. Worried about someone to walk the dog while you’re away? Wondering about what you’ll do if you want a weekend getaway? We can help! Just let us know your needs and we can set up the support you need.

Thanks to fostering, the dog who was too scared to walk went home with the perfect family. He’ll get to grow up with this little boy, and they’ll be each other’s best friends for years to come.

Fosters are the backbone of rescue. Please give it a try!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question at all!

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