Wednesday, 8/21/19

It was the first post that I saw when I logged onto my computer on Wednesday morning. Six dogs at risk of being euthanized in Dixie County.

When I saw the post, the dogs had until noon to find foster homes. I did some quick research on the rescue who had posted the dogs, House of the Happy Cats and Dogs, and contacted them. They said that they were in need of a foster to save the dogs, and so I asked Justin if we could take not one, but two foster dogs.

A few hours later, Robin, the director, was at my house with two of the dogs. They were skinny, flea-bitten, and concerned, watching me nervously between scratching themselves.

Jazzy, a tall Collie mix, soon showed herself to be the more outgoing of the two. From her long plumed tale to her smiling mouth, every inch of her exuded easy-going friendliness. Rasta, the Catahoula Beagle mix, was more careful, wagging her tail slowly and gazing at me in a considering manner with her soulful eyes.

I got the dogs settled on my screened porch and left them alone. They quickly fell asleep, splayed out like mirror images of each other.

That night, I boiled pasta and vegetables for the dogs and took them for a short walk. Jazzy trotted ahead, glancing back periodically to see why we were so slow. Rasta walked dutifully by my side, sniffing occasionally, but mostly just staying next to me.

They met Justin and did their best to endear themselves to him immediately. Rasta stood by his side and stared lovingly at him as he scratched her head. Jazzy tramped about playfully, smiling at everyone.

When we went to bed, I put the dogs up together in one big crate. Jazzy went in willingly and laid down, while Rasta needed to be lifted in before settling down next to Jazzy. I fell asleep wondering what I’d gotten into.

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