Animal Shelter Playgroups

Playgroups are one of the most important ways that animal shelters keep dogs mentally stimulated and socialized. Playgroups allow staff to get to know each dog’s unique play style and behavior. They use this information to find the best home for every dog.  Playgroups give potential adopters the opportunity to see the real dog instead … Continue reading Animal Shelter Playgroups

Earl: A loyal dog who ran out of time

6/8/19 First meeting Earl was a powerful dog who showed intense barrier aggression in the kennel. He was a scary sight making horrible sounds, and I had second thoughts about opening the kennel door. His unapproachability was, however, exactly why I wanted to work with him. He was one of the dogs least likely to … Continue reading Earl: A loyal dog who ran out of time

Animal Shelter Quarantine: A Desperate Situation

Quarantine is an unfortunately common part of life for my local shelter. Ever since I became involved there have been quarantines, some brief and some long. During quarantines, animal shelters separate populations of dogs by creating physical barriers and making sure that staff and volunteers don’t spread disease between populations. Sometimes the quarantine is created … Continue reading Animal Shelter Quarantine: A Desperate Situation