My work with shelter dogs is funded by the paid work that I do with them. This is a win-win-win relationship, in which I, my clients, and the dogs all benefit. Here are some services that I offer.


Whether you need well-researched articles, engaging blog posts, experience-based product reviews, or creative writing, I can help. The vast majority of my work centers around dogs, but I’m open to other kinds of projects.


Photography is one of the most important aspects of what I do for the homeless dogs of Alachua County, Florida. Pictures that show off a dog’s unique personality help him to stand out from the crowd, steal someone’s heart, and find a home. Let me know if you are interested in having an affordable photoshoot for your dog, having pictures taken as part of a product review, or want to buy the rights to pictures.

Pet Portraits

I love to create art that highlights what makes each animal uniquely beautiful. I take my time and pay attention to each detail so as to create art that you will treasure.

Doggie Matchmaking

Picking your new best friend can be challenging. If you want to rescue a dog, but are overwhelmed by the options and worried about the risks, let me know. I can help you choose a dog and transition it into homelife to smooth the process for you.


I am not a certified trainer, and I do not seek out training opportunities, but I can help if you are having behavioral concerns with your rescued dog. Rescued dogs have unknown pasts and that can come with some baggage. I can help you identify what your rescued dog needs to be her best.