How much exercise and socialization does a young, high-energy dog need? Watching the dogs play at Walton Rocks Dog Beach in Hutchinson Island, Florida, was a great reminder of just how much energy these dogs have. 

One owner remarked that her dog could easily play fetch for four hours in the surf and sand. That was the owner’s fetch limit, not the dog’s. I wasn’t surprised to see two huskies at play in the water. In the Florida weather, there are few outlets for a husky’s relentless energy that won’t cause them to overheat other than the water. 

It was truly inspiring to see these dogs living their best lives, thanks to the dedication of their owners. These dogs, mostly between around a year and three years, are the age at which most dogs are surrendered to shelters. Most large, working-breed dogs like these are energetic and experience strong drives like prey drive or obsession over their ball or other toys. 

By providing plenty of exercise and social stimulation for these dogs, their owners enable them to practice self-control and be calm during the week. The dog beach is an awesome way to give these dogs what they need relatively easily. 

The dogs played very well together, although their play could look fierce at times. The owners were attentive and got involved whenever a dog may have been bullied or play got too intense. 

If you are considering buying or adopting a high-energy breed, keep in mind the special needs that these dogs can have. Exercise and socialization aren’t optional for these dogs.

If you are adopting a dog and have a high-octane lifestyle, please adopt one of the high-energy dogs whose behavior degrades so rapidly in the shelter environment. They may otherwise not get a chance at a life. 

Please consider volunteering time at your shelter. Seeing dogs play like this is a reminder of what every dog in the kennels deserves every day. With volunteer help, regular playgroups and plenty of time in the yard can change these dogs’ lives.

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