Calypso stole my heart with her gentle nature when I met her last month, and I found her just as sweet and loving when I took her out a few days ago.

Calypso was gentle to be leashed and ignored the other dogs walking down the row. She just stared sweetly up at me as she walked on a loose leash.

Calypso enjoyed playing with a toy in the yard, but it’s clear that what she really loves is being close to someone. She met other dogs nicely through the fence and seems generally relaxed around other dogs. (Remember dog dog meets and slow introductions are always necessary for any adopted dog.) 

This girl has gained weight since I met her, but she is still very skinny.

Calypso when I met her last month

It breaks my heart to see so many dogs like Calypso in the system: sweet, loving dogs who have been used for breeding and likely thrown out when they weren’t wanted anymore. 

When I first met Calypso, I could see the bones clearly through her skin. Dogs like Calypso deserve so much better. No dog should be bred and thrown away like this. Since she is a bully breed, what happened to her puppies might have been worse than her life. They may have been used for fighting.

If you can help Calypso, please, foster or adopt her. Local rescues will often take dogs from ACAS with an approved and dedicated foster. This sweet girl would likely be an easy first foster if you’d like to be involved. She would gain weight faster and thrive in a foster home. 

Please pressure our leadership to write laws that prevent irresponsible breeding and encourage them to come down hard on animal cruelty. We have to stop rescuing dogs like Calypso when they’re already suffering. Let’s stop the suffering before it begins. 

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Learn more about the pibble problem. Without understanding the situation around this breed, it is impossible to understand how to help dogs like Calypso.

Here are rescues that you can donate to or foster from in Alachua County.

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