Gilligan has the best smile! This sweet boy was so well-behaved on his day out from Alachua County Animal Services. He’s been pretty stressed at the shelter, which is why he was suggested for a day out. He sure enjoyed it! 

Gilligan was so happy just to lie in the flowers. He wanted to play with the frisbee toy, but kept lying down while he did it.

I couldn’t get him to get up until I threatened to leave him! (adorable video coming soon) When you’ve been living in the stress of a kennel for a couple of months, just smelling the flowers is so great.

Once Gilligan realized that Depot Park was full of people who wanted to meet him, he was happy to trot along and make new friends. He was friendly with everyone he met and loved soaking up attention. He walked great on the leash, although sometimes he seemed a bit overwhelmed and needed some encouragement. A little cuddle got him going again. 

Gilligan loved seeing kids. When a little boy waved at him, he wagged his tail so fast! He saw a little dog from a distance and was calm and friendly, even when the dog barked at him.

I haven’t had a dog out for a long time, but since ACAS is so accommodating with curbside pickup and there are so many beautiful open-air places to enjoy, I felt safe taking a dog out, even during these scary times of Covid.

It was so convenient! I just pulled up and someone came up and talked to me about what I’d be doing, suggested a perfect dog for my outing, and brought Gilligan right out to my car. 

Gilligan was so sweet right away and with a little bribing from a treat, he crawled in my car right away. After the initial load, Gilligan was great getting in and out of the car. 

Sweet dogs like Gilligan are waiting for you at ACAS every day, just hoping you’ll give them a reason to smile. Whether you want to foster, adopt, or just take a dog out for the day, I hope you’ll give it a try. 

Contact Khendrea Wilson at 352-264-6870 ext. 2547 or email  to schedule an individual orientation for fostering and dog day outs. 

If you’re ready to adopt, stop by ACAS for curbside service or call or email. They’ll work hard to help you find the perfect dog. If you’re not sure, foster first to make sure it’s a good fit. If you’re interested in Gilligan, call ACAS and ask for Gilligan, ID: A618998.

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