Maggie was adopted!

Maggie is a sweet, sweet girl with Alachua County Animal Services. She was a delight on her overnight outing. She was quiet and mellow in the house and didn’t have any accidents. Maggie was perfect in her crate overnight. You can never be sure when you pick a dog up at the shelter how they will behave at home, but dogs who are calm and worried at the shelter are often calm and relaxed at home.

Maggie met a little boy who could barely walk yet but was sure able to run to Maggie. She met him with a grin and wagging tail. She was sweet and careful with him. She stayed perfectly still while he hugged her big head and then she gently licked his face. I’m always extremely careful when allowing children to interact with rescue dogs, but Maggie was so clearly comfortable with this boy and seeking out interaction that I allowed them to play for a bit while I discussed fostering with his parents. They had a very full house, but watching their son with Maggie made them wonder if they couldn’t temporarily fit one more.

Maggie is so laid back that she doesn’t even mind being my footrest. As long as she gets to make some contact with me, she’s happy. She is so happy just for a chance to relax and feel safe away from the noise and chaos of the shelter.

She is so calm and friendly on outings. She would love to meet everyone, dogs and people, but has great intuition about whether someone wants to meet her or not. Maggie laid quietly for hours during a dinner on the patio at Boca Fiesta and breakfast at Maude’s Classic Cafe.

Take a dog out for the day! The information gained from these outings may be a dog’s best chance of being adopted.

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