I want to thank Persimmon & Co. for donating these beautiful stainless steel ID tags. These attractive tags catch the eye with a clear “Adopt me” print and our site address. They look great in adoption photos and get people’s attention on outings as well. 

These ID tags are rust and tarnish free and completely customizable. After months of being worn regularly by all kinds of dogs, they look as bright and clear as the day they arrived.

 All of the work that Persimmon & Company does is handmade. They started out as a very small company in 2014 on a little horse farm in Maryland.

They wanted attractive tags with clear and easy to read writing to easily identify which horse blankets and halters belonged to who. Since then, the company has grown to supply tags to animal lovers all over the world. 

My tags came promptly and were packaged in a beautiful gold lace bag. I received the “Stacked” Name & Number ID Tag and the Name & Number ID Tag, both with a charm.

Charms are removable, so I kept one on the single tag and removed it from the stacked tag so the “Adopt Me” would be as visible as possible. I attached the Name & Number Tag to my camera bag so I can be contacted if I ever misplace it. It is very sweet with the charm and little heart.

I love how the Stacked Tags look on the Martingale collars that I use when I take the rescue dogs for outings. They also look wonderful on a standard buckle collar that I use for playing in the yard at the shelter.

The stainless steel lobster clip makes the tag hang the right way nearly all of the time regardless of where you clip it. It is very easy to clip and unclip, making it easy to transfer tags to different collars as needed.

Buy your customized ID tag from Persimmon & Co.!

If you’re interested in donating your product to Coral Dogs, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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